I wouldn’t call it a gem, but Silva pitched pretty good. 8 IP 6 H 2 ER 0 BB 3 Ks is the stat line. Opposing pitcher’s stat line: 5.2 IP 7 H 6 ER 7 BB (1 hit batter) 2 Ks.

Nothing much to rag on Torii with, other than the fact he got caught stealing.

Mauer had a career-high 5 RBIs on Monday night, including a triple (that some thought should have been an error) that scored 2.

It seems to me that the Twins strand a lot of runners. Too much. 213 over their past 15 wins, or about 14 per game. Do the Twins get that many guys on base, or do they just not produce real well with men on? I don’t really know, but it’s something to watch for, I guess.

A little on how hot Justin Morneau is this month: He’s never had less than a .300 OBP in any game this season, except the 3-game series at Seattle (where he went 1-9), and even then it was in the high .200s. His overall OBP for June is .402. *ramble* In case some of you don’t know, OBP is defined as “a measure of how often a batter gets to first base for any reason other than a fielding error or a fielder’s choice.” Ted Williams, who some consider the greatest hitter of all-time, had a career OBP of .481, so if Justin wants to be in that same category (which is highly unlikely), he needs to start hitting better.*end ramble* On a serious note, he’s improved in on-base percentage, slugging, and average each month this year. His OBP has climbed 128 points, while his slugging is up an incredible 308 points. His average is up 148 points, too.

Tuesday night’s game is Liriano (7-1, 2.17 ERA) against Derek Lowe (6-3, 2.90 ERA). Should be a real pitcher’s duel.