Wow do I love the Twins. (Side note: I’m trying what I’ve seen many others do, and have bolded the names of players..please comment on whether or not you like it. Thanks.)

Joe Mauer went 5-5, 1 run and an RBI. Unfortunately, his batting average only went up by 12 points tonight. His closest enemy for the batting title is Nomar Garciaparra, who had the blast of a time going 1-4 against Francisco “The Phenom” Liriano. I’ve seen quite a few more articles on on Joe Mauer-in the music world, more attention is usually bad-and that’s a great thing. I’ve also seen an increase of posts about him on various sports forums I visit.

Phenom had another quality start, but quality doesn’t really begin to describe it. He allowed two over-the-fencers (new term for home run), so Johan and Brad must be teaching him the ropes. 7 innings pitched, 5 hits, 2 earned runs with 8 parmesan pellets (reference to Major League II [strikeouts]). He continues to be dominant, and you really have to feel for the opposing team when they face him. He is a definite front-runner for AL ROY, and is a possible Cy Young candidate.

More on The Joe Show– Here are the stats for the top 5 leading guys in the majors for batting average, in the month of June:

Joe Mauer – .415 AVG, .495 OBP, 13 BB and 6 K

Nomar Garciaparra – .371 AVG, .436 OBP, 10 BB and 8 K

Ichiro Suzuki – .423 AVG, .462 OBP, 8 BB and 8 K

Freddy Sanchez – .349 AVG, .398 OBP, 4 BB and 8 K

Matt Holliday – .396 AVG, .455 OBP, 9 BB and 18 K

There really is no comparison. Ichiro has nearly 80 more at-bats than Joe so far, and hitting leadoff that number can only get greater. I think it will be difficult for Ichiro to catch up. Mauer is the only one out of those 5 guys to have a better than 2:1 ratio of walks to strikeouts. That definitely improves his OBP. (For the previous statistics, please remember that’s only for the month of June. I want to make sure you all understand that because I had a difficult time understanding it myself, and I wrote the dang thing.)

Off topic: If you haven’t listened to any of Journey‘s music, I really suggest trying. They have such hits as “Any Way You Want It”, “Don’t Stop Believin'”, “Wheel In The Sky”, and “Separate Ways”.