I was listening to KFAN radio earlier, and Chad Hartman was on with one of his cronies. They were discussing Santana and Liriano. They both agreed that Liriano is the better starter this season. I disagree to an extent, and wanted to touch on that. In Santana‘s 4 losses this season, the Twins have scored 0 runs, 1 run, 2 runs, and 3 runs. I’m not saying Liriano isn’t a good starter, but just wanted to point out that Santana‘s losses came early in the season when they weren’t on this 20-2 tear.

Excuse me, make that 21-2 tear. It was a squeaker, something I certainly am not used to, but they pulled it out to get a 6-5 series-opener win. It was 3-1 heading into the 6th inning, when Santana got the bases loaded, hit a batter to make it 3-2, and gave up a bases-clearing double to former ROY Angel Berroa.

Have no fear, Ambiorix Burgos is here. Coming into the game with two outs, and runners on first and second, and Torii Hunter at the plate, he decides to get wild and allows Cuddyer and Morneau to advance a base each on his first wild pitch of the inning. Cuddyer didn’t get there surely though, as the catcher threw the ball down the third baseline, but wildly like his pitcher had done. This allowed Mike to run home, while Morneau advanced to third. The wild Burgos then hits Torii Hunter in the elbow and then walked Shannon Stewart to load the bases. Notice I said first wild pitch of the inning, because apparently he wasn’t done. With a split finger in his glove, he hurled it 2 feet in front of the plate to allow Justin “Big Boy” Morneau (FSN player of the game, 3-for-4 with a 2-run HR and 3 RBIs) to score the winning run.

Joe “Daddy” Nathan came in, struck out two gawking Royals, allowed a rare walk, and then got another Royal to watch the amazing 96 mile-per-hour fastball go by him.

Just like that, the Twins go from looking like Santana will get the loss, to winning on 2 wild pitches, a walk, and a hit batter. Hurray for bad pitching!