Carlos Silva pitched fantastic last night, throwing only 5 innings but allowed just two runs on 5 hits. He walked one but struck out 4, and threw 65% strikes (new stat I will be incorporating for starters). Michael Cuddyer came up with the big hit to open the lead to 5 runs with a 3-run jack in the bottom of the 8th.

Silva pitched a good game, and he would have pitched into the 7th most likely had he not thrown (by my count) 32 pitches in the 4th inning.

Pat Neshek got the official win, pitching to just one batter in the top of the 8th. Characteristically, he struck out the batter. Hitters are hitting a ridiculous .092 against Neshek.

Luis Rodriguez and Jason Bartlett combined to go 7-for-7, with Luis getting an RBI and a walk and Jason scoring a run in the bottom of the 8th.

The Twins got 17 hits last night, including 4 in the 5-run 8th inning. That leaves them with (pre-8th) 2 runs and 13 hits. That’s quite a large gap. But, when you dig deeper, you see that 14 of the Twins’ 17 hits were singles. Here is the singles breakdown by inning:

IN1: 2 singles (run)
IN2: 2

IN3: 0

IN4: 2 (run)

IN5: 0

IN6: 3 (thank Torii Hunter getting caught stealing for not scoring a run in that inning)
IN7: 2

IN8: 3 (run)

Kind of an interesting array.

Justin Morneau, along with Cuddyer, had the two doubles for the Twins.

Joe Mauer started the game with an RBI-single, and in the 8th he golfed a pitch to left field to score Bartlett via sac fly.

I said I’d post Johan Santana‘s career stats after the All-Star break yesterday, but I’m going to hold off on those until the next time he pitches; they’ll still amaze you.

Nobody has guessed for the trivia question, so I’m scrapping it. The entire thing. It’s pointless to try and do that if there isn’t going to be activity. The answer was 2006; when they played the Royals, and obliterated them all series.

Matt Garza pitches today at 12:10. I’ll be watching to see how he does, hopefully better than his last start.