Carlos Silva, in an outing he’d like to forget, gave up 5 solo homeruns last night as the Twins fell 6-3.

He pitched 5.1 innings, giving up 6 earned runs and the 5 dingers. 3 of those coming from rookie Nick Markakis. Carlos walked 2 and struck out none, and gave up 10 hits.

Willie Eyre did a nice job in relief, throwing 2 and 2/3 innings (finishing out the game) while giving up just 1 hit, a walk, and a strikeout. The announcers made a good point about needing Slick Willie to pitch a lot last night, because with two “surprise” starters (by surprise I mean you don’t know how they’re going to pitch) coming up in Garza and Boof, you’ll need a rested bullpen just in case one of them falters.

Joe Mauer was the only Twins batter to write home about. He went 2-for-4 with an RBI triple in the 9th, and then scored on a Michael Cuddyer ground out.

As I was listening to Dick & Bert do their gig, they started talking about Bert and his tendency to give up the longball. Bert said that he once pitched a game where he gave up 5 homeruns (I don’t believe he said if they were solos or not). Dick then interjected, saying “and you WON that game!”. Dick also said “and, what gets me the most, is that you pitched a complete game!”. Bert said that in the season he gave up 50 homeruns (major league record), 42 of them were solos and that he won 17 games that year. And he led the league in innings pitched. Pretty impressive for a non-HOFer.

I want to make sure people notice that I posted something on Monday. Here’s the link to it; it has a funny video link in it and 50 random songs from my iPod.

I want to plug Twins-Territory, as I’ve gotten 7 hits from their site in the past 4 days. Please check it out!

Also, in the near future, I plan on adding a “page” to the blog. It isn’t a link, like you see on the right, but rather a separate page that you can write on (but isn’t for blogging; it’s most used for About Me type things). I plan on using it to link to all other Twins blogs out there, but of course expect you all to keep reading here 🙂

On another note, I found out that I’m going to the Twins game next Tuesday. As it looks now, it will be Matt Garza pitching. I’m hoping that tonight, the Twins win, but Garza gets a no decision; it would be sweet to be there for his first win.