Matt Garza pitched good enough to get his first win in the big leagues. He gave up one run, unearned due to an error by Jason Bartlett, 5 hits and struck out just one batter.

Michael Cuddyer went 3-for-5 with 2 doubles and a single, bringing Cuddyer’s season extra base hit percentage up to 49.54%. This means that each time he gets a hit, it’s nearly every other time going to be a double, triple, or homerun. He has 55 XBH with 111 total hits. He also made a FANTASTIC diving play to end the inning.

Pat Neshek finally got some work, although the amount he got was something I disagree with. He comes in the 7th, pitches a 1-2-3 innings, throwing just 6 pitches (two batters were gone on 1 pitch). He (Gardy) then proceeds to bring in Dennys Reyes who, don’t get me wrong is a great reliever, should have been kept in the pen. The only reason I can think that Gardenhire would take out Neshek is because the first batter was Brian Roberts, a switch hitter. Gardenhire doesn’t realize that Neshek does a good job against lefties, too. It gets better though. After Reyes throws 9 strikes and gets a strikeout, he brings in Roid Boy Rincon to pitch for 1 out. Granted, combined Reyes and Rincon could have gotten those guys out in their sleep, but they could have easily sat on the bench and watched ShanKai Neshek get out of the 8th without giving up a run. It’s basically the principle of the whole situation.
The bullpen proved to be stellar again though, throwing 3 innings and giving up 0 hits. Joe Nathan mopped up for his 26th save of the year.
Kind of a funny incident, I believe it was Jason Tyner bunted down the first base line and the Orioles’ pitcher waited to see if it would go foul because it was extremely close. The ball literally stopped on the foul line, making it a fair ball. Knowing this, the pitcher picked the ball up and placed it just foul of the line, but the umpire didn’t fall for it.
It’s apparently official that Rondell White is off the DL, and in turn they sent Josh Rabe to Rochester. They think Rondy can be this big huge macho power guy, but they need to admit their mistake in signing him and realize he is nothing special. He’s hit more than 20 homeruns in a season just twice, with the last being in 1999 with the now non-existent Montreal Expos. If they wanted a power guy, Tony Batista had better power numbers than White (26-, 41-, 31-, 26-, and 32-homer years). Poor Rabe, didn’t even get hardly a chance to DH. He has as many homeruns as Rondell does in 200 less at bats. Does that not say something? I’m beginning to think they’re just keeping Rondy around because he’s a good clubhouse guy (apparently). They can’t really do that when they’re trying to make the playoffs, if he sucks. Kind of like Matthew LeCroy.

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