Nick Punto had a rare homerun and the game ended after fan interference.

You’ll have to forgive me, the computer acted funny and I didn’t think much of it..but I know what happened (deleted my last two posts), so it won’t happen again but sorry there won’t be a report for the last game of the Baltimore series.

Brad Radke pitched just 2 innings, giving up 3 runs including a two-run bomb by Paul Konerko. I wasn’t able to watch the game until the 6th inning, but I’ve heard different reports of what happened. He pulled himself out of the game, and Ron Gardenhire pulled him because he didn’t want to extend Radke’s ongoing injury. I’ve heard that he has a broken shoulder, but then a team spokesman said that there is no injury. Keep your eyes peeled to find out what really happened.

he-who-shall-not-be-named hit a 3-run homerun to give the Twins the lead. Pat Neshek followed that by giving up the lead on one pitch to A.J. Pierzksntkaejkdfnawski. A.J. likes to mock the Twins because one half-inning after Joe Mauer sqaured to fake bunt, A.J. did the same thing with the same result; pulling back, not actually bunting. It’s rumored he does the nose tickle at the Dome during an RBI play, too.

Speedy Lew Ford was put in as a pinch-runner to Rondy White in the 9th, and that’s probably a good thing. Lew scored the game-winning run in the 9th on a single to center, and I doubt White would have chugged that far without getting thrown out. The next hit was an infield hit, so that might not have been good either.

Bad news for the August 31st call-ups. Josh Rabe won’t be able to get called up, because he needs to be in the minors for the mandatory 10 days. I’m not sure the specifics of that rule, but I hope to do a little research and find out.

Thanks to Aaron Gleeman, my blog has a new high for page views in a day; 201. The previous high was 34. The reason for this is that Aaron linked to my blog, among others, for the iPod shuffle list. I hope that people saw the site and liked it, and will continually view it. If you are one of those people, please make a simple comment to let me know.