Nick Punto hit the go-ahead single in the top of the 11th, and Willie Eyre got his first major league win as the Twins squeak out an 8-7 win.

Starter Johan Santana was pitching very well when Juan Rincon had replaced him. Juan got a strikeout and then gave up a solo homerun and Pat Neshek gave up a sac fly that was credited to Rincon. Neshek ended up striking out A.J. Pierzynski to end the inning. A.J. couldn’t flip his bat after that one, and I wish Neshek was the kind of guy to rub that into him. Dennys Reyes¬†pitched before Neshek, though:

Dennys Reyes came in to pitch to a lefty, and walked him. He then walked the next batter, too. Reyes threw 11 pitches and only 1 of those was a strike. He had a real difficult time pitching, and we can only hope he will recover to be a dominant late reliever again.

Joe Nathan came in the 9th with a 2-run lead thanks to a Nick Punto sac fly in the top of the inning. Nathan was pitching to Jermaine Dye with a runner on second. Dye smoked one to left, but it was just foul. A few pitches later, Dye smoked one to left again, this one for sure gone and for sure fair. Blown save for Nathan, just his second of the year.

Chicago pitcher Brandon McCarthy pitched outstanding, throwing 5.1 innings of relief while giving up just one hit; a homerun to Torii Hunter.