I’m on a different computer because our internet once again crapped out on us, but I was at the game so I should be able to give you the rundown.

Matt Garza was really great, throwing 7.2 innings while giving up just 5 hits and 2 runs, and he struck out 7. We gave him a standing ovation as he left the field, when Pat Neshek replaced him. Neshek got out of the 8th, but in the 9th he gave up a couple hits but he ended up striking out a couple too. Juan Rincon came in and finished the game.

Mark Redman didn’t throw above 85 miles an hour until the 9th inning. How sad is that?

The most entertainment we got was in the middle of the 9th, right before the Twins were going to bat, a fan jumped onto the field in left. The security guard that was in left jumped onto the field too, but tripped and fell, giving this guy a headstart. He started running and when he was near the left fielder, he lost his hat but he kept on running. He ran towards center, and about that time he took of the jersey he was wearing and started swinging it around his head like a dancer. Finally the overweight security guards cornered him in right field, on the warning track in front of the baggie.