You’ll have to bear with me for a little while, as I started school today and now don’t have a schedule as to when I will be able to write this.

I’m not going to talk much about the loss, except that the Twins didn’t hit anything against a first-time starter, and the Yankees hit everything as the final was 10-1.

In the 2-1 win, Rondell White provided the only Twins’ offense with a 2-run homerun.

Boof Bonser had a solid outing, throwing 6 and a third innings, only 5 hits, a solo homer, and 6 strikeouts.

I didn’t get a chance to watch the game, because…well it wasn’t on TV, but I was able to listen to the last couple innings.

Joe Nathan got his 29th save of the year, and was very dominant. No hits, no walks, 2 strikeouts.

Boston beat the White Sox in 10 innings last night, giving the Twins the lead in the WC race, again. Let’s hope we can keep it for good this time.

Johan Santana pitches for the Twins tonight, in a game that starts at 6 for us. He’s neck and neck with Toronto’s Roy Halladay for the AL Cy Young race. Halladay also throws tonight. There is some bias when I say I want Johan to win it, but if you look at the stats, he should have the edge:

Roy: 16-5, 3.29 ERA, 29 BB, 117 K, 200 IP, 1.09 WHIP

Johan: 16-5, 2.95 ERA, 40 BB, 207 K, 198.1 IP, 1.02 WHIP

What Johan has going for him is his 7-0 record since the All-Star break, and that Roy’s real name is Harry. Harry Halladay.