Scott Baker was awful, giving up a solo homerun on the third pitch of the game, and a two-run homer in the next inning. He didn’t walk anybody and struck out two.

The lone offensive highlight was Michael Cuddyer‘s solo shot in the 7th, when the game was already 6-0.

Matt Guerrier sucked as well, but he did throw 4 innings so he should get credit for that. 2 solo homeruns to guys with a combined 13 total HRs coming into the game.

Carlos Silva was pitching great on Wednesday but was very disappointing, and I’ll tell you why. He had pitched 6 innings, giving up one hit and one walk. He had thrown justĀ 59 pitches. Pat Neshek came out to pitch the 7th. Why? Silva complained of an upset stomach. This is what he said in a newspaper article about the game: “I’m not feeling good the whole game, and shoot, we have the best bullpen in the league“. If he wasn’t feeling good the whole game, I’m curious as to why it took him until the top of the 7th to say something. Also, maybe I’m special, but every time I’ve taken Pepto Bismol, my upset stomach has magically disappeared. Funny thing he never thought to mention it so he could get some treatment on the spot and continue pitching. It’s sad when poor Brad Radke has pitched all season with an injury that makes him unable to shave at home, and then Silva gets his way out of a game he should have stayed in. Some blame should be placed on Neshek for giving up two homeruns, but frankly he should not have had to come into the ball game.