The Twins are two games behind Detroit for the division lead, and 1.5 games ahead of Chicago for the Wild Card lead. If Boof Bonser was the star of the show last night, Johan Santana was the sun today for the Twins.

If you missed my Johan praise post yesterday, you can check it out here. Those stats were done before today’s game.

Bonser pitched 7 innings and gave up 5 hits but just 1 run, as he struck out 5 and walked 2.

Santana pitched 6.1 innings and gave up 2 hits but no runs, as he struck out 11 and walked 2.

The final for Boof was 2-1.

The final for Johan was 12-1.

The Twins had 7 hits last night, all of them singles. No player had more than 1 hit.

The Twins had 15 hits today, with Nick Punto contributing the most with 4, and Torii Hunter getting 3. Torii scored a run on his own in the 2nd when he got a single and then stole second. Jason Kubel struck out, but he started running to first and the catcher threw there to get him out. Torii was heads-up and ran to third, sliding in safely. Jason Tyner followed with a foul out to short left field. The left fielder ran to catch it, and Torii sneakily tagged from third, charging home. The throw was off-target, so he was safe by quite a bit.

The team had 3 triples today, one from Punto, Tyner, and one from Luis Castillo. The team record is 4 in a game, set in 1967.

Willie Eyre pitched the 9th, giving up 3 singles that scored a run. He got a double play to end the game.

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Yesterday, Dick Bremer got a tad carried away when he discussed the “sharks” in the middle of the Twins lineup. The term “piranha” was overused, but with a little luck people won’t use “sharks” when talking about Joe Mauer, Michael Cuddyer, and Justin Morneau.

By the way folks, Francisco Liriano is back with the team. He pitched for Rochester last night in 3 innings. He walked 2 and struck out 4, but did not give up a hit. He is scheduled to pitch this Wednesday against the Athletics. I don’t believe I’ve seen an official pitch count he’s on, but it will probably be in the 55-65 area.

I also heard today that Brad “does he even still have his pitching arm?” Radke thinks he could be ready to throw by the end of the next road trip, or by the beginning of our next homestand. If he does come back, and pitches effectively, then our playoff rotation is set: Santana, Radke, Liriano. Boof should be in the pen and Willie Eyre shouldn’t be in there. I don’t think Carlos Silva has a spot anywhere, depending on his start tomorrow.