Jason Bartlett almost sent the game into the 11th, but threw the ball wide of first and that allowed the runner from 3rd to score. The final was 5-4, but Johan Santana didn’t get the loss.

Johan pitched 8 pretty good innings. He did give up 7 hits, one of them being a homerun, and walked one. He struck out 7 and gave up 4 runs, but only three of them were earned. I’d have to give him a Tough Loss on that one.

Pat Neshek got the official loss, throwing 1+ innings. He struck out 2 and walked one. He personally didn’t give up a run, but when Jesse Crain came in, he gave up a hit to score the runner that Pat allowed on base, making the run go to Neshek.

Justin Morneau was 1-for-3 with 2 RBIs, including the 4th run for the Twins to send the game into extra innings.

50% good news and 50% bad news in the other major stuff surrounding the Twins that isn’t named Liriano or Radke. The White Sox lost 4-2, but the Tigers won 17-2. It’s most important that the White Sox lose when we lose, because we’re ahead of them in the WC and obviously we make the playoffs if we win the WC.