Brad Radke‘s heroic pitching effort, Joe Mauer‘s homerun to tie the game, Jason Bartlett‘s game-winning RBI are highlighted in the post.

Radke went 5 innings, throwing only 57 pitches, and giving up just 3 hits. The run he gave up was unearned due to Torii Hunter‘s fielding error. There’s no reason as to why he was pulled, other than they probably didn’t want him to reinjure anything. He should be the number 2 starter, now. I wanted him to be number 3, but I was enlightened as to why he should be number 2. If we don’t win the division, we play on the road at NY. It’s better to have Radke playing under pressure in NY than Bonser.

Mauer’s clutch solo homer made it a tie ballgame in the bottom of the 9th, and Joe Nathan pitched the top of the 10th to improve his record to 7-0.

Pat Neshek pitched two near-perfect innings, allowing only 1 hit and striking out 3. Juan Rincon was a bit shaky, walking 2 in his one inning of work, but got out of his bases loaded jam.

I saw the Twins taking a lot of pitches last night that were either in the zone or very very close to the zone, and a few times they struck out looking. That might be my biggest pet peeve, a looking strikeout. Pinch-hitter Jason Kubel took two quick strikes, looking, and then bounced out to second. Rondell White was one of the looking strikeout victims.

Either way, we’re now TIED for the division. Remember folks, we must LEAD the division in order to win it; Detroit leads the season series 11-8 with no more games to go between the two teams.

Boof Bonser pitches tonight for the Twins, in the opening game of the last series of the year. I had a wild dream last night, and it included the Twins sweeping the White Sox because Ozzie Guillen put in his B lineup. One can hope, right?