October 2006

In a story announced by the Star Tribune earlier this evening, the Twins have picked up Carlos Silva‘s $4.35 million dollar option. Silva was 11-15 with a 5.94 ERA this season. It was an expected move, though, because the free-agent market has little pitching, and what pitching it does have, is generally overpriced.

It’s official: to continue writing in the blog this offseason, I will start writing about the Minnesota Wild hockey team. They don’t play every day like the Twins did, so check out their game schedule here. I will make a post the day after a game. Going by this, I’ll post next this Friday, along with Sunday, November 5th. I’ll say when I’m going to post next at the end of each entry.

I haven’t forgotten about my minor league report, either. I still need to do a general report on the AA team, the two A teams, and the rookie team. Hopefully I can do an in-depth report on each team afterwards.


The Cardinals pulled it off! After winning only 83 regular-season games, and after upsetting the Mets, they stayed in it long enough to let the Tigers make some mistakes that ultimately led to their self-destruction. (more…)

La Velle E. Neal III, Minnesota Twins beat writer for the Star Tribune, is reporting that Francisco Liriano has left the rehabilitation facility that he was assigned to, to try and get healthy over the off season. He says he was unhappy with the seemingly non-existent results he was getting. Apparently, he’s now considering surgery. (more…)

In this post I’ll highlight one team in the Twins’ organization: the AAA Rochester Red Wings. I’ll also talk about Game 1 of the World Series. (more…)

Sorry I didn’t get a post in yesterday. I was too busy reading Angels & Demons from Dan Brown. It’s an amazing book; the plot is far-fetched, yes, but the twists blew me away. I tried to not read it, but had to keep going. (more…)

The Tigers beat the Athletics 6-3 on Saturday night to sweep the Athletics in 4 games. The Cardinals shut out the Mets 5-0 on Saturday, but then got hammered 12-5 yesterday to make the series even at 2. (more…)

The Tigers played a late afternoon game yesterday and the Cardinals beat the Mets last night 9-6, scoring 3 runs in the top of the 9th inning. (more…)

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