That picture has the chance to sum up the 2006 playoffs for the Twins. It was a tie game heading into the top of the 7th and Pat Neshek was in the game for Boof Bonser. Neshek got a quick pop out and then gave up a single. He induced a groundout right after that, though, to make it 2 outs with a runner on first. With a lefty at the plate, Gardenhire went to his bullpen again for situational lefty Dennys Reyes. Reyes left a ball over the middle of the plate and the hitter drove it to center. Torii “Big Play” Hunter decides to dive for the ball, and he missed terrible (see above picture). The ball went all the way to the wall, Michael Cuddyer fielded it, and it was an in-the-park homerun that scored two. That give the A’s the lead again, and put Neshek in line for the loss.

Boof pitched 6 innings and gave up 7 hits, but only 2 runs. He struck out 3 and walked 1. Basically, he did (again) exactly what we expected. Unfortunately (again), mental errors cost him/the Twins a win.

Cuddyer hit a solo homerun in the bottom of the 6th and was 2-for-4 overall. Justin Morneau followed with an upperdeck right-field homerun to tie the game. There’s video of the dingers on It won’t let me download it so I can’t post it here, you’ll just have to watch it on your own.

Morneau also finished 2-for-4.

The Twins mounted a “mini-rally” in the 9th, with a Jason Bartlett single and a Luis Castillo walk with 2 outs. Nick Punto came up, took some pitches, and popped up to end the game.

Sooooo many people on KFAN’s Twins chat are saying this team is dead. Blah blah Hunter sucks don’t resign him, blah blah Gardenhire is an idiot blah blah. These people are fairweathers or bandwagonners. They root for the team if they’re doing good and get mad and cranky when they aren’t. Folks, the v.1 (version 1) of this team went 25-33. V.2, the team playing in the playoffs right now, went 71-33. They lost 2 of 3 against Chicago, but won the game that mattered most; the last game in the series. The 2004 Boston Red Sox were playing the New York Yankees in the ALCS. The Yankees had a 3-0 lead in the series. By some magic, the Red Sox won a game. And then another. And then another. And then, they won the 7th game to make it to the World Series. They went on to sweep the Cardinals to win 8 straight playoff games. That feat had never been done before (nor since). If you think the Twins are toast, done, out, whatever…you’re wrong. We’ve all given up on this team at one point or another this season (if you say you haven’t, you’re wrong). I remember one game, the score was maybe 3-1 with the Twins losing. Bottom of the 9th, I go do something else and don’t pay attention to the game. What do you know? The Twins scored 3 to win it 4-3. This team is not done until either Oakland has won game 3 or the Twins win 3 straight to go to the ALCS.