The Tigers beat the Yankees in game 4 at Comerica park 8-3, the Mets won 9-5 to complete their sweep of the Dodgers, and the Cardinals beat the Padres last night 6-2 to win the series in 4 games.

Jeremy Bonderman pitched 8 and 1/3 innings against the so-called best offense in the major leagues on Saturday night to propel the Tigers into the ALCS. Bonderman gave up 5 hits and 2 runs, while striking out 4 and walking 1. More importantly, Yankees manager Joe Torre is expected to be fired within the next week, unless he resigns or somebody can talk president George Steinbrenner out of doing it. The Yankees have made the playoffs all 11 years that Torre has been their manager. Lou Piniella is expected to be the replacement manager.

The Dodgers had a chance to win when they scored 5 runs combined in the 4th and 5th innings to give them a 1-run lead over the Mets, but the Mets’ offense came back for 3 of their own in the 6th. Paul Lo Duca and Shawn Green were the offensive highlights for the Mets, with Lo Duca driving in 2 runs on 2 hits and Green driving in 2 runs on 3 hits. Jeff Kent and James Loney were the main men for the Dodgers, with Kent hitting a 2-run homer to tie the game, while Loney collected 3 RBI on a 3-for-4 night at the plate.

The Padres made game 4 semi-interesting, as they scored 2 runs in the top of the first, only to give up 2 in the bottom of the same inning. The Cards would score 4 in the bottom of the 6th to take the lead for good. Possible Cy Young Award Winner Chris Carpenter pitched 7 good innings for the Cards, allowing 2 runs on 7 hits while he struck out 5 and walked 3.

The Tigers will play at Oakland for the first two games, then there are 3 games at Comerica Park, and the remaining games (if necessary) will be played at Oakland. The Mets have home field advantage, so St. Louis will play there for the first two games, then three at St. Louis, and the final 2 at New York.

The Twins released three players today; Dave Gassner, 27, spent most of the year on the disabled list with an elbow strain and did not pitch in the majors”¹. They also released left-hander Justin Jones, who pitched at both single A and double AA this year. The third guy was Terry Tiffee, a third baseman that I like a lot. I hope he catches on with a team and shows that he can play.

Sometime in the near future I plan on making a post highlighting the players that are due to be free agents this winter. I want to make it as good a post as possible, so it might not get here until the weekend is over. I intend to show recent stats, whether or not the Twins should try and sign them, and why or why not.

On Wednesday, probably around 8 or 9 PM, there should be a post up that reviews the season in the minor league system for the Twins. I’ll review the records for each team, and the best players statistically for each team. Sometime next week I’ll review the best pitchers in one post and the best hitters in another.

In case you missed it in my last post, Seth from Seth Speaks was kind enough to add Twins, Not Twinkies to his list of bloggers. Please check out his site!

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