The Tigers played a late afternoon game yesterday and the Cardinals beat the Mets last night 9-6, scoring 3 runs in the top of the 9th inning.

Kenny “The Gambler” Rogers took the mound again for the Tigers. He pitched 7 and 1/3 innings and gave up only 2 hits. He walked 2 and struck out 6. He’s really been pitching well this postseason. The Athletics were shut out, but the Tigers scored 3 runs. One of them was on Craig Monroe‘s solo homer in the 5th inning. The other 2 runs came in the first inning, on an RBI single and a ground out.

After Tom Glavine shut out the Cardinals in Game 1, Mets’ rookie John Maine looked to do the same. Unfortunately, the Cards got the better of him. They roughed him up for 4 runs over 4 innings, but only had 2 hits. One of the runs was unearned. Maine didn’t help his cause, though, when he walked 2 batters in the third inning and another in the 4th. He walked a total of 5 batters but did strike out 3. Mets’ closer Billy Wagner could only muster 2 outs, as he gave up 4 hits and 3 runs while facing only 6 batters.

I have some more Q & A results. This time, it’s with member Boof. He would like to promote his own Twins blog, called Boof Berg. It can be found here. Thanks Boof! Again, the question is in regular font, his answer in bold, and my comments in italics.

Do you agree with the Twins picking up Torii Hunter’s option? Why or why not?
Short answer I do because who else would we have in center? While I haven’t been a big Torii guy the past year, he showed me enough in the last couple months to warrant enough to keep him. Plus, correct me if I’m wrong, this extention could be buying time for a long term deal.

Do you think the Twins need to sign a veteran starting pitcher? If so, who would you choose?
I suppose it wouldn’t hurt but assuming they’ll sign Silva our rotation looks like,
in no particular order and with Scott Baker, Slowey, and Perkins waiting in the wings. I think the Twins have a ton of pitching and I don’t know if signing anyone else would be more than a backup plan for Liriano and/or Silva

What do you think should happen with guys like Luis Rodriguez, Jason Tyner, Lew Ford, and Rondell White?
I think they all serve a purpose. They’re all bench players that can plug a temporary gap. LRod, Tyner, and Ford are all decent on the bases and have shown that (in the case of Ford and Tyner) they have decent arms and wouldn’t be bad for late inning substitutions. Gardenhire does like to do that, doesn’t he? Rondell, for as much as they’re paying him, I would pass but if he’s willing to take a pay cut, then I may take another chance on him. I have to agree here. His postseason showing (second best on the team) and general late-season surge has made me think he may have turned things around. I still don’t like him, and think that he should play DH only, but he apparently can’t.
Do you think Liriano will stay healthy next year or will he need surgery?
I have a lot of faith in the Twins organization when it comes to pitching. Everyone and their mom knew that Liriano was going to be fantastic when he was blowing people away in the minors. With his potential I can’t help but to think that they’re giving him every resource possible to maintain his arm and their future.

What guys would you try and sign for the team next year?
I would love for the Twins to find another threatening right handed-hitting DH. It doesn’t have to be a huge power hitter, just someone who is good for 30 home runs. Perhaps a regular right fielder. Cuddyer is our right fielder, and hopefully Kubel can become healthy enough to play left on a regular basis.
Going off of that question, what would your batting order look like?
Castillo, Mauer, RH DH, Morneau, Cuddy, Hunter, Punto, Rondell, Bartlett. I seem to think we should try Bartlett at leadoff, Castillo second, Mauer-Morneau-Cuddyer-Hunter-Rondell and then Punto in the 9 hole. If we picked up a good DH like you said, I agree he should go between M & M.
If you had to single out one or two players, who would you blame for the Twins’ ALDS loss? Hunter and Mauer.
Hunter for the obvious, Mauer for missing great opportunities for advancing runners and driving runners in. It seemed like he hit a ton of ground ball outs.
That’s kind of Mauer’s forte. I think generally the entire team was nervous, but more experience next year will definitely help.

What do you think of Nevin’s performance as a Twin? Should we release him or bring him back?
Nevin coming to the Twins reminds me an awful lot like (Bret) Boone. As far as signing him to next year, I would see what he’s asking because if it’s in the $5M range, then I say no. I agree. We got lucky that other teams were picking up most of his salary, and it’s reported that he wants a big deal. But, I just don’t think he’s the power hitter that he used to be.
What do you think of the Twins releasing Gassner, Jones, and Tiffee?
Jones was a guy that Peter Gammons was gushing about in Spring Training so I guess that was a little surprising. The other guys I don’t really have an opinion about.
If the Twins could sign one of the following big-name players, who would you most want to see as a Twin and why: Alex Rodriguez, Alfonso Soriano, Carlos Lee, Barry Zito, Jermaine Dye, or Frank Thomas?
I would have to say Alfonso Soriano. He’s a right handed power hitter, he has speed and can run the bases, he can play infield in a pinch (a real pinch that is), he’s got a decent arm for outfield assists, and the organization seems to think he’d fit well here.

Don’t forget, Monday’s post will consist of the minor league teams in the Twins’ organization. Also, just a thought, but I think that a post every two days seems to be accurate about the blog since the Twins lost. I’ll try and keep with that schedule, we’ll see how it goes.