La Velle E. Neal III, Minnesota Twins beat writer for the Star Tribune, is reporting that Francisco Liriano has left the rehabilitation facility that he was assigned to, to try and get healthy over the off season. He says he was unhappy with the seemingly non-existent results he was getting. Apparently, he’s now considering surgery.

Detroit edged out St. Louis Sunday night by a 3-1 score. The game was in controversy, though, as Detroit pitcher Kenny “The Gambler” Rogers had a yellowish-brown substance on his hand.

Here are some closeups of the substance, which many are guessing was pine tar (which is illegal):

Rogers said “It was a big clump of dirt, and I wiped it off.”…“I didn’t know it was there, and they told me and I took it off, and it wasn’t a big deal.”¹ Now it seems to me that if you have a”clump of dirt” on your pitching hand, in the game that you’re pitching in, you would notice it. Nobody really knows, but even after he washed his hands he was dominant. He pitched 8 innings and only allowed 2 hits. He walked 3 and struck out 5.

In last night’s game, the Cardinals’ ace, Chris Carpenter, was the main attraction. A possibility for the NL Cy Young award, Chris pitched 8 innings and only allowed 3 hits, while walking none and striking out 6. There was a chance in last night’s game for somebody, on either team, to be a hero to the entire United States. Carlton Fisk explains: “[In] the third game of the World Series, which is the next one coming up, if anyone from either team hits a home run to left field, the U.S. restaurant chain, Taco Bell, is going to be anxious and excited to give away a free taco to everybody in America that visits one of their establishments on November 1, between 2:00 – 5:00 PM.”² Sadly, no home runs were hit. It might be a fun gag to go into Taco Bell during that time frame and demand a taco, claiming you strictly remember seeing a home run being hit to left field, and see how long it takes them to kick you out.

If you read Aaron Gleeman’s blog on a regular basis, you may remember him talking about Hardball Dynasty, a dynasty-style baseball simulation game. He told readers to email him if they were interested in playing, and taking up one of the remaining 30 spots in the league. He said he got an overwhelming 117 emails, and was going to choose random emailers and invite them to join the league. Luckily, I was one of the chosen ones. I signed up yesterday, and things officially kick off tomorrow. It seems to be a promising, yet time-consuming game. I’ve already invited some minor leaguers to Spring Training. I’ll keep you all updated on what goes on.

Look for my next post to be on Friday, after games 4 and 5 have been played.