In a story announced by the Star Tribune earlier this evening, the Twins have picked up Carlos Silva‘s $4.35 million dollar option. Silva was 11-15 with a 5.94 ERA this season. It was an expected move, though, because the free-agent market has little pitching, and what pitching it does have, is generally overpriced.

It’s official: to continue writing in the blog this offseason, I will start writing about the Minnesota Wild hockey team. They don’t play every day like the Twins did, so check out their game schedule here. I will make a post the day after a game. Going by this, I’ll post next this Friday, along with Sunday, November 5th. I’ll say when I’m going to post next at the end of each entry.

I haven’t forgotten about my minor league report, either. I still need to do a general report on the AA team, the two A teams, and the rookie team. Hopefully I can do an in-depth report on each team afterwards.