November 2006

Alright, so I’ve finally decided that the schedule (or lack thereof) that I’m on for this blog does not work at all. I’m way too inconsistent and I show no reliability. Please cut me some slack, as it’s my first offseason. However, I’ve decided that from now on, I will make a post on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Nothing else in between unless it’s a major signing involving the Twins. (more…)


There have been numerous articles written in the past couple days discussing Justin Morneau as MVP and Derek Jeter as first loser. I can’t tell if the following writers are Yankee fans, Jeter lovers, Twin haters, Morneau bashers, or plain confused. (more…)

At about 1 PM today, announced the AL MVP Award winner. Not everything was right, at first. I heard that first reported Derek Jeter with 14 first-place votes, instead of the 12 he actually received. I also heard somebody say at school that he thought Jeter had won it. (more…)

To the shock of nobody, Johan Santana won the American League Cy Young Award this afternoon. He won it unanimously, like his previous award, meaning he got all first-place votes. He finished with 140 total points; next highest was Chien-Ming Wang with 51 points. Santana is just the 6th American League pitcher to win the award at least twice.

In fairly big news, the New York Yankees worked out a trade with the Detroit Tigers on Friday. In it, the Yankees sent star slugger Gary Sheffield in exchange for three slightly-above-average to way-above-average pitching prospects, one of which is projected to be the second or third best prospect in the Yankees’ farm system. (more…)

The Wild lost last night, on Election Day, 3-1 to the Sharks. (more…)

The Nashville Predators scored 2 in the first, while the Wild only scored one. Things were the exact opposite in period 2, though, when the Wild scored 2 and the Predators scored only 1. The difference maker was in the third, when the Wild didn’t score any and the Predators squeaked one in to get the win. Goalie Manny Fernandez started his 13th consecutive game, tying a career high.

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