In fairly big news, the New York Yankees worked out a trade with the Detroit Tigers on Friday. In it, the Yankees sent star slugger Gary Sheffield in exchange for three slightly-above-average to way-above-average pitching prospects, one of which is projected to be the second or third best prospect in the Yankees’ farm system.

The three pitchers are Humberto Sanchez, Kevin Whelan, and Anthony Claggett. Sanchez was 10-6 between AA and AAA this season, going 5-3 at each stop. He compiled a 2.63 ERA, with a 1.17 WHIP and 129 strikeouts in 123 innings pitched. Whelan was 4-1 for the High A Tigers, with 69 strikeouts in 54 innings pitched as a closer. Claggett was 7-2 at Class A West Michigan, with an ERA of .90 and 60 strikeouts in 60 and 1/3 innings pitched.

I’m not going to spend too much time on the Wild for this post because there is baseball news to be brought. The Wild won on Saturday night 3-2, winning it in overtime. They lost, however, on Sunday and Tuesday,  3-2 and 4-3 respectively.

First off, Francisco Liriano did not win the AL ROY award. It went to Detroit starting pitcher Justin Verlander. I did not expect Fran to win it, simply because of the time he missed with injury. While healthy, yes he was dominant, but Verlander was able to pitch into and through the playoffs.

AL Manager of the Year was announced today, and it went to Detroit manager Jim Leyland. Again, no surprise, at least in my book. Ron Gardenhire did come in second. Those two managers were the only ones to receive first-place votes.

The NL Cy Young award went to Diamondbacks’ pitcher Brandon Webb. I thought Cardinals’ pitcher Chris Carpenter should have got it, but there were 3-4 players it could have been and the pick would have made sense with every one of them.

The NL ROY award went to Hanley Ramirez. I’m going to be honest and say that I did not follow the NL that much this year, especially not the rookies. But, it seems like there were again a couple of guys that it could have gone to, and Hanley was one of them.

The NL Manager of the Year is Marlins’ manager Joe Girardi, even though he has been canned since the end of the season.

All of the managers in baseball met recently to discuss the possibility of using instant replay during baseball games. While I think instant reply would be a very nice addition, I think it would need to be used sparingly, such as on (possible) run-scoring plays only.

The Wild next play on the 16th, but the AL Cy Young award will be announced on the 16th. I’ll post tomorrow night saying who won the Cy Young and then I’ll post Friday with the recap of the Wild game.