Alright, so I’ve finally decided that the schedule (or lack thereof) that I’m on for this blog does not work at all. I’m way too inconsistent and I show no reliability. Please cut me some slack, as it’s my first offseason. However, I’ve decided that from now on, I will make a post on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Nothing else in between unless it’s a major signing involving the Twins.

Commissioner Bud Selig said today that he plans on retiring in 2009, when his contract as commissioner expires. I can’t say it affects me much. The only bad thing I can remember that he did was ending the 2002 All-Star Game when the score was 7-7.

Pitcher Adam Eaton has signed a contract with the Phillies worth $24 million over 3 years. His name was gently being tossed around for the Twins, but he is definitely not worth what the Phillies are paying him. His best ERA has been 4.08, and that was in 2003 when he pitched 183 innings. His career record is 54-45, in 144 starts and 146 total games.

The talks for the Twins making a deal with the Rockies for pitcher Jason Jennings have slowed down considerably. Nobody can really say for sure whether or not it’s still possible for the Twins to trade for him. I want to lean towards the not possible side, due to all of the ludicrous contracts being given to mediocre-at-best pitchers.

I recently found an interesting website regarding Dock Ellis. He was a pitcher from 1968-1979. His best game was in 1970 when he pitched against the Padres. He pitched the first no-hitter of that season. It was far from a Perfect Game, though, as he walked 8 batters and plunked 1. As you’ll read on the website, 14 years after he pitched the no-hitter, Dock revealed that he was under the influence of LSD during the game. He woke up in his home and thought that his team had an off day. He was planning on relaxing throughout the day. He was called to the stadium, though, and had to pitch.