I’ve got some rumors for you from the Winter Meetings, in Orlando Florida, plus an old Q & A with a KFAN forum member that has been forgotten in my inbox since October 16th.

Do you agree with the Twins picking up Torii Hunter‘s option? Why or why not?
I don’t think it’s a bad signing, but it was done too soon. it bothers me we didn’t even look at any other replacement. like V. Wells out in Toronto.
Do you think the Twins need to sign a veteran starting pitcher? If so, who would you choose?
we have to wait until Radke “officially” retires. Then I would love to go after Jamie Moyer. he would be the perfect replacement to Radke. He also can teach are young pitchers (Baker) its not all about the power, but about location and control.
What do you think should happen with guys like Luis Rodriguez, Jason Tyner, Lew Ford, and Rondell White?
I would not like to see Rondell back. He’s a liability at left Field, and if we let him DH, he looks lost. as for the others, we can keep them for depth. as long as i don’t see any of them starting, I ‘m fine with them.
Do you think Liriano will stay healthy next year or will he need surgery?
Liriano is a huge question mark going in next season. the worst thing about his injury, no one can figure what exactly it is.
What guys would you try and sign for the team next year?
SP- Moyer

3B- Blalock- he is being shopped. he would be the answer to are 3rd base problems. if we can make the right deal. he would be awesome.

LF- Frank Catalanotto– free agent, fits are team perfect. great speed, glove, and makes good contact.
Going off of that question, what would your batting order look like?

1- Catalanotto- LF

2- Mauer- C

3- Cuddyer-RF


5-Hunter ( Wells)-CF

6- Blalock-3B

7- Kubel-DH…. until he heals up.

8- Castillo-2B

9- Bartlett-SS

I think I’m dreaming………the players that i named aren’t that hard to get. but I doubt Ryan will go after.

If you had to single out one or two players, who would you blame for the Twins’ ALDS loss?
Gardy. for not getting these guys prepared to play. and he did a real poor job managing the game. especially the best bullpen in baseball. Crain? why would you bring this guy in with the game on the line and we’re facing elimination. Neshek!!, Nathan!!……….. sorry you’re getting me worked up with that question.
What do you think of Nevin’s performance as a Twin? Should we release him or bring him back?
what performance? did i miss anything?…… this guy is washed up, let him go
What do you think of the Twins releasing Gassner, Jones, and Tiffee?

to be honest, I’ve never seen any of them. But i trust are judging of talent, we rarely let a good player slip. except for Ortiz!!Sad

as for Tiffee, he was never part of anything.

If the Twins could sign one of the following big-name players, who would you most want to see as a Twin and why?: Alex Rodriguez, Alfonso Soriano, Carlos Lee, Barry Zito, Jermaine Dye, or Frank Thomas?
we’re not known to be the big spenders. but i would like Zito or Thomas. the A’s don’t have the cap space to sign both.lol
but that too much to ask…. I would be happy with Blalock, Moyer,Catalanotto.

Remember, that’s a couple months old.

Now for some rumors coming out of Orlando:

The first one isn’t a rumor, but a reality. The Red Sox and J.D. Drew have agreed to a 5-year, $70 million contract. Drew had 20 HR and 100 RBI in ’06.

Pitcher Ted Lilly, a preliminary name thrown out by Twins fans, might sign back with the Blue Jays. His agent is looking for a deal similar to what Vicente Padilla got, which was 3 years and $34 million.

Greg Maddux is reportedly close to a deal with the San Diego Padres. No figures have been released yet.

It’s possible that the Angels and White Sox will make a trade that would send pitcher Freddy Garcia and 3B Joe Crede to the Angels, while the Sox would receive pitcher Ervin Santana and super-utility man Chone Figgins. I hope this does not happen, because both players are impact players and could make the division very interesting next season.

The New York Times is reporting that Barry Bonds might best fit in with the Twins. However, the Times also says he should sign for no less than $17 million a year. Good luck getting that from Minnesota, Barry.

As you can see, most of the player names are linked to another website. This website has a vast amount of information about baseball in general, and links the names and teams of baseball. I thought I’d try it out for a few posts.