New signings, a couple trades, and a new feature on the blog.

I have added a new page to the blog. On the right hand side, beneath the Archives section, you’ll see a Pages header and underneath that there is a link called Autographs. If you click on it, you’ll go to a page where there are some pictures of autographs. The autos are the ones that I’ve received in the mail from different people. If you want to know who the autograph is from, just hover your cursor over the picture and their name will appear. I’ll hopefully add the years they played their sport in the near future.

In the biggest free agent news, Barry Bonds just signed (9 PM Thursday night) with the Giants. His deal is worth $16 million for one year. This is all pending the physical, which Bonds might very well fail.

Pitcher Gil Meche, a bottom-of-the-rotation-but-gonna-get-big-bucks-anyway type, signed with the Kansas City Royals for $55 million over 5 years.

Also, Jason Schmidt, one of the biggest free agents this winter, signed with the LA Dodgers for $47 million over 3 years. Barry Zito should, judging by how the current signings are going, be able to get about $18-20 million per season, depending on who he signs with. A lefty with a huge curve in this kind of market could be coveted to the death.

This pitcher’s market continues to spiral into insaneness and Carlos Silva signing for $4.5 million keeps looking better and better.

If you haven’t already, check out Aaron Gleeman’s post on his blog today. It’s pretty interesting, as he asked questions to manager Ron Gardenhire.

It seems as though the Twins actually signed somebody today. Don’t get your hopes up, I’d never even heard of this guy. He’s pitched in 7 major league games over the past 2 seasons, and yes he is a pitcher. His name is Mike Venafro. There’s no official link on this, but it was heard on KFAN radio.