Not much to write about; some minor free agent signings and a couple of news items.

Pitcher Jason Marquis has reportedly agreed to a deal with the Chicago Cubs. A St. Louis newspaper first broke the story and said it was a 3-year deal worth $28 million. A Chicago paper says it is a 3-year deal worth $20 million. In my opinion, the $20 million deal is more plausible, but obviously with the way the market has been the $28 million agreement could be the one that’s correct.

Japanese pitcher Daisuke (pronounced Dice-K) Matsuzaka and the Red Sox, the team that paid $51 million just to talk to the guy, have reportedly stopped all contract negotiations. If Daisuke doesn’t sign with the Red Sox, he goes back to Japan for 2 years and the Red Sox get their money back. A lot of people are speculating that the Red Sox’s intent was never to sign Matsuzaka, but rather to outbid the rival Yankees so that New York couldn’t try and sign him.

Joakim Soria is a pitcher that was the 2nd overall pick in the recent Rule-5 draft (picked by the Royals). Two days after being selected, he threw a 101-pitch perfect game in the Mexican Pacific League. He struck out 9 batters to accomplish the feat, including 2 in the 9th inning