January 2007

Sorry, no post for today. There’s nothing going on!


I talk about those articles I posted links to on Friday. (more…)

Not much going on in baseball, again, so today is article day. I’ll post links to different articles for you all to read, and then come back on Monday and give my thoughts to them.

USA Today has a quick article highlighting the Twins.

Matt Garza thinks this year is going to be fun.

USA Today talks about the 5 best and 5 worst signings of the off season.

At 2:20 central time today, Torii Hunter will be on KFAN (AM 1130) and talking to Doogie.

Sorry folks, nothing’s going on so there’s nothing to report on 😦

Look for a post on Friday, though.

I talk about Ramon Ortiz and…Ramon Ortiz.


Arbitration numbers, team signings, there’s a lot of stuff to get to, so grab a beverage and have a seat.

Breaking news, folks: a story broke at about 1PM today saying that the Twins have agreed to sign pitcher Ramon Ortiz to a 1-year, $3 million contract. This is very upsetting that in the wake of arbitration numbers, they throw around a few mill at a pitcher who had 16 losses last season and has a 4.85 career ERA. More on the signing (which is pending a physical) on Monday.


Only one item for you today, and it’s the surprise I was talking about. It’s an interview with fellow Twins blogger Seth Stohs from http://sethspeaks.net/. There’s a lot more to get to, but my internet was out all day yesterday so I only had time to paste the interview in. Look for some arbitration notes on Friday!


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