Former stud pitcher Randy Johnson was traded to the Arizona Diamondbacks yesterday, in a deal that was anticipated but needed finalization. Other than that, not much going on with baseball right now. I will, however, share my Twins-related predictions for the 2007 season.

The D-Backs sent a major league reliever plus 3 prospects to the Yankees in exchange for Johnson, who’s 43.


Also, the Twins released their Spring Training invite list. The major prospect involved is pitcher Kevin Slowey. For the complete list, check out the Twins’ website. La Valle E. Neal wrote a good article focusing mostly on Kevin, here.


Alright, my 2007 predictions (don’t worry, I won’t skimp out on letting you know which ones become true and which ones fail miserably):


Matt Garza will start the year at AAA; won’t be called up to majors before May 1st

Justin Morneau will be a possible MVP candidate

Joe Mauer, despite a batting average above .330, will not win the batting title

Boof Bonser will have more than 15 wins, less than 10 losses, and an ERA under 3.50; Boof will also average 7 strikeouts per 9 innings

Michael Cuddyer will hit at least 30 homers, score at least 100 runs, and drive in at least 100 runs;

Carlos Silva and Sidney Ponson will have their picture taken together at least once during the season, in which they’ll both be downing brewskis and have no shirt on

Joe Nathan records more than 40 saves and posts an ERA under 2.25

Nick Punto will have a fielding percentage of at least .960; he’ll also have a batting average less than .270

If Jason Kubel plays more than 100 games, he’ll hit at least 20 homers

Jason Bartlett will have two 3-run homeruns during the season

Johan Santana will have an ERA under 2.70, more than 240 strikeouts, less than 50 walks, a WHIP less than 1.00, he’ll allow between 22-25 homeruns, and he’ll allow less than 70 earned runs

The Twins will not win the division or the Wild Card, and will have a record of 85-77


Feel free to post your own predictions, if you have any.