Already into double-digits for January dates! Time sure is flying by. There are new Hall of Fame-inductees to talk about, as well as another lefthanded reliever signed by the Twins.

Randy Choate, a 31-year old specialist reliever (much like Dennys Reyes), pitched most recently in 2006 for the Arizona Diamondbacks. He’s nothing to get worked up over, as his deal is only a minor league one. You can read more about him here.

There are only 2 new members in the Hall of Fame, but their names should not be a surprise: Cal Ripken Jr. and Tony Gwynn can now call themselves Hall of Famers. Ripken is best known for his streak of 2,632 consecutive games played. Also known for his 18 All-Star Game appearances. Cal got his 3000th hit off of Hector Carrasco against the Twins on April 15th, 2000.

Gwynn might be remembered most for his batting average of .394 at the end of the strike-shortened 1994 season. Tony appeared in 15 All-Star Games, tying Honus Wagner for the NL record.

To read more on Ripken and Gwynn, check out this article.

On an unfortunate note, Minnesota’s almost own Bert Blyleven did not make the HOF, again. This was his 10th year of eligibility. It means we’ll go through another year of Bert making his case to try and get voted in. A website dedicated to helping Bert get in is Bert Belongs. He’ll have a better chance next year, with Goose Gossage as the only person on the ballot who received more than 65% (10% lower than required amount) of the votes this year.

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