Not much to talk about, but a cool quote supporting the retractable roof idea.

From Charley Walters’ column yesterday: “Are they really going to build an open-air stadium for the Twins?” [Dean] Chance [20-game winner, Cy Young Award winner] said. “If they are, they’re crazy. I remember pitching at Met Stadium in 1967 (when he won 20 games), and it was 29 degrees above zero. Why in the hell don’t they have a retractable roof like they do in Milwaukee? They cannot afford not to.”

Also, some juicy (hah, juicy) news on Barry Bonds. He reportedly failed an amphetamine test that was administered to him last season. Once testing positive, he blamed the results on teammate Mark Sweeney (brother of Mike), supposedly using the substance after he found it in Sweeney’s locker. Bonds has since said “He did not give me anything whatsoever and has nothing to do with this matter, contrary to recent reports.” The slugger’s saga continues.