February 2007

Last day of the month and nothing to write home about. Jesse Crain signed a 3-year deal yesterday, but the money part isn’t yet known;

Tony Oliva didn’t make it into the Hall of Fame yesterday, again;

Lew Ford might need knee surgery;

and Sidney Ponson might not pitch until the Twins’ 10th Spring Training game.

Check out Aaron Gleeman’s post today, as he explains how signing Ponson and Ramon Ortiz is kind of like having Juan Castro and Tony Batista starting last season.


Not much for you guys today, but if you’re in the Minneapolis area you’ve got some snow.

Here’s a link that shows the first few starters of Spring Training for the Twins.

And a handy link so you know which games are televised on what station.

Not much going on with baseball, but I at least have a post for you today (sorry about Wednesday). (more…)

Not much going on so I’m just going to link you guys to an article from the Star Tribune about Justin Morneau. From that same article, apparently Ramon Ortiz is having troubles getting to training camp on time, due to a visa problem.

I ran short on time so I wasn’t able to make a post on Wednesday, but I have some nice things for you guys today. (more…)

Due to a busy weekend and a cold, only a couple items for you all today. (more…)

Shannon Stewart signed a $1M deal with the Oakland Athletics yesterday, and the deal could be worth up to $2.5M with performance bonuses.

In odd news, former Playboy Playmate Anna Nicole Smith collapsed in her hotel room and died yesterday.

Look for a fun fact post on Monday..

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