Not much going on with baseball, but I at least have a post for you today (sorry about Wednesday).

Don’t forget to check out my calendar post to see when FSN will televise games from the 2006 season. February 26th is the next time a game will be on.

Speaking of games, the first Spring Training game is only 6 days away! On March 1st we will play the Yankees. The first televised game will be on the 4th vs. Boston and will be aired on Fox 29. For the entire schedule, check here.

If you like movies, today has the chance to be a great day for you. There are two movies that I’m interested in that come out today. First, The Number 23, starring Jim Carrey. Basically, it seems like Jim Carrey reads a book that is his life story, and the ending involves Carrey’s character killing people. It looks interesting because I was born on the 23rd of April, so it’s kind of like my lucky number. Maybe it won’t be so lucky after I watch the movie.

The other one is Reno 911!: Miami. I love the TV series on Comedy Central, and the previews for this looked funny as well. My favorite preview is when officer Travis Junior is driving and Jim Dangle is riding shotgun. Travis snaps his head up and says something like “you know, I just had the weirdest dream ever,” and Dangle says “you do know you’re driving, right?” In the next seconds they run into a Porta Potty and it explodes all over but they keep on driving. Then Dangle looks back at the camera and says, “nobody in it.” in a very nonchalant tone.