The Twins played a Spring Training game yesterday against the Yankees, but basically lost after the first inning.

Carlos Silva started the game and gave up a lead off homer to Johnny Damon. Jason Giambi added 2 from a home run of his own in the 2nd, and the Twins scored a run in the 4th to avoid getting shut out. Silva gave up 4 hits and 5 runs in 2 innings, and he walked 2 while striking out 1. Kevin Slowey came in to pitch after Carlos, and did a pretty good job. He pitched 2 innings and gave up 2 hits, but no runs. He also walked 2 and struck out 1. released their top 100 prospects list yesterday, with 4 Twins making the cut: Matt Garza at 21, Glen Perkins at 66, Slowey at 71, and Chris Parmalee at number 94.

Through reading I came across an interview with former Twin Terry Tiffee. It’s short but 40% of it are questions dealing with the Twins.

It’s been nice the past two days as I haven’t had school due to the snow. People are being told to not travel unless you absolutely have to, so if you are in the area, be careful when you drive today.