Sorry for not having a post on Wednesday, I meant to make a post saying no post for today but forgot to publish it. I do have a post for you today, though.

The Twins have not had the luck of the Irish this Spring Training. They’re currently 2-7 and show no signs of improving. They lost to Pittsburgh on Wednesday 5-2, giving the Pirates their first win of Spring Training. They beat the Red Sox yesterday in a 1-0 shutout started by Johan Santana. It was a split squad game, so other players played against the World Champion Cardinals and lost that game 2-1.

J.D. Durbin gave up the brunt of the runs on Wednesday, throwing just 1 inning and giving up 4 hits and 3 runs, all earned. It seems more and more likely that he won’t be with the Twins very much longer. I’m not 100% sure on what the status is, but I think he’s been in the minors too long so the Twins have to either add him to the ML club or release him, and he was out all of last year with injury problems. He’s been acceptable (which isn’t the best word to use) at the AAA level, with a 4.33 ERA there in 2004 when he had 19 starts. In Spring Training this year, he has a 16.20 ERA in 4 games, giving up 10 hits and 9 runs in 5 innings. He does strike out people, though, with a minor-league career 7.98 K/9 ratio in exactly 549 innings pitched.

Just want to touch on another Minnesota team right now, the Gophers basketball team. They finished the season yesterday with a loss against Michigan in the Big Ten Tournament, 49-40. It was the lowest point total for one team in the history of the tourney. The Gophs finished 9-22 and lost their last 9 games.