I know it’s been awhile since my last post, but the season is incredibly close and you’ll see regular posts then. I do have some news about some players that were recently cut.

First off, pitcher Mike Venafro was one of the 5 players the Twins cut yesterday. Mike sported a perfect 0.00 ERA in 10 games totaling 10 innings. He gave up 7 hits, walked 4, and struck out 6. He also became good friends with pitcher Pat Neshek.

The other person they let go whom I liked was 3B Glenn Williams. Some of you may remember him from 2005 when he was called up and had a 13-game hit streak going until he was hurt. He seemed like a solid player, but with utility man Jeff Cirillo and the possibility of Luis Rodriguez still making the team, I guess there is no need for him. Now I’m not sure on what exactly “let go” means, because in Venafro’s case, he can accept his assignment to AAA or sign with another team. I would imagine that is what Williams can do too, but like I said I’m not entirely sure.

Alright, so the Carlos Silva saga (hey, that’s got a nice ring) seems to be endless. After posting an 11+ ERA this spring, he’s still got a chance to make the starting rotation. He pitches tomorrow against the Reds. Matt Garza also has another start yet, this time with a max of 75 pitches instead of the usual 50. Right now, it’s these two facing off for the 5th starting rotation spot. The organization has made it clear that Garza will not be on the ML roster if he’s going to come out of the bullpen when he can be in AAA starting games. There is a chance that Silva would be a mop up guy out of the bullpen if Garza gets the spot. I guess there’s still a slim chance that J.D. Durbin could still make the club, but with his 12+ ERA this spring and combined injuries/mental problems, it’s unlikely.

There’s also a last bench spot up for grabs, and from what I’ve read it seems to be between Josh Rabe (my personal favorite), Chris Heintz who is a catcher, and Luis Rodriguez. Jeff Cirillo can play everywhere Luis can, plus has more power in his bat, so I don’t know why Luis is even talked about right now. I would guess by Friday we should know most of these things, as the season officially starts next Monday.