It’s no surprise that J.D. Durbin was put on waivers and then picked up by the Diamondbacks yesterday. His ST ERA this year is over 10, plus he calls himself “The Real Deal” when his Major League performance suggests otherwise.

Carlos Silva pitched for us yesterday, allowing just 2 hits over 5 innings. He did not give up a run, which kind of sucks. It seems to me that the Twins’ management will see this start as a sign of improvement. I hope they’re right, because I see it as a fluke start. I don’t disagree with starting Matt Garza in AAA, because frankly I didn’t think he was ready when he was brought up last season (and if you remember, the Twins didn’t think he was ready because they were hesitant to do so) and although he still has a ton of potential, his numbers while in the bigs were nothing spectacular (but I must say he did a decent job of keeping us in games). The first month of the season will definitely be interesting, to finally see these new pitchers in a real game that actually counts.