The Twins won again, this time in a bit closer fashion. Pitcher Boof Bonser gave us 6 good innings, giving up only 3 hits and 2 runs with 3 walks and 6 strikeouts. He didn’t get the win because he was taken out after the 6th and Pat Neshek pitched the top of the 7th. We scored our final run in the bottom of that inning after a walk, a pinch-runner, a stolen base (albeit an ugly one by Jason Tyner), and a single. Joe Nathan got his second save of the season, too. Slugger Michael Cuddyer had a disappointing game, going 0-for-4 with 2 strikeouts (5 Ks on the season so far). He seems to be more patient, however weird that sounds, because it takes the pitcher 7-10 pitches to finally strike him out. I’m pretty sure he’ll start hitting like he should within the next couple of weeks. You really can’t expect all the hitters to automatically start performing like they did the season before within 2 games of the new season.

It seems to me that the Twins are trying to be aggressive early on this season. With Justin Morneau plowing into the catcher 2 nights ago (although, that’s basically his only option) and 5 stolen bases last night, it’s ultra-smallball for the Twins.

Those Torii Hunter and Luis Castillo stats have been moved to the side of the blog, underneath the Giveaway Of The Day button (which might be removed shortly). I’ll update those numbers after each game (by the way, Hunter saw 14 pitches last night in 4 at bats, with 7 of those coming in an AB that resulted in a walk).

edit: alright, so I can’t get that sidebar part to work properly, so those numbers might be there for awhile. Luis got 2 infield hits (one off of the pitcher’s leg, another off of his glove), so his number would be 3, and Torii’s numbers would look like this: 9.5/23 after 2 games.

double edit: I almost forgot..not-scored-against-in-Spring-Training lefty reliever Mike Venafro accepted his assignment to AAA. That makes a world of difference if there’s an injury to somebody in our ML bullpen because he can come up and use his experience to help him; a lot of other pitchers in AAA can’t do that. Mike pitched in 10 games this ST and allowed 0 runs.