Our offense actually had a good night, but Sidney Ponson and Glen Perkins had meltdowns in the 5th inning to give the Royals the lead for good.

Ponson’s line was 4 and 1/3 innings pitched, 10 hits allowed, 6 runs (all earned), 1 walk, 2 strikeouts, and the worst number of them all, 2 homers. One was a solo shot in the 2nd and the other was a 2-run longball in the 5th..

Glen came in in relief after that, but he threw 2 wild pitches, the first to advance the runner to third and the second to have the guy from third score..

Matt Guerrier came in after that and gave up a homer on the first pitch he threw. He left the game with two runners on the bases, both credited to him. One got on via a single and the other was hit by a pitch. Dennys Reyes comes in after the HBP by Guerrier and hits a batter of his own to load the bases. Denny threw 2 pitches and was taken out right away. So then the Twins tried their luck with Juan Rincon, who walked the first batter he faced on 4 pitches. The next batter grounded out and Alexi Casilla threw it home to not allow the run. However, Juan (who used to take steroids, you know) then also throws a wild pitch to score a run. Another run scored from a sac fly, Juan had another 4-pitch walk, and finally he struck out a guy for the last out in the inning. Luckily for Juan’s ERA, all those runs were credited to Guerrier and Reyes, not him..

Now for the bright spot in the game, the Twins’ offense. Nick Punto did a really good job at the plate today, hitting his 4th double of the season. He added a single and had 2 RBI to go with 2 runs scored..

Joe Mauer was 3-for-5 with 2 RBI, but he struck out twice and didn’t score at all..

Michael Cuddyer hit a solo homer in the 9th, and he also walked, but he didn’t get any more hits. Everbody got a hit for the Twins, and Mike Redmond had another nice night going 1-for-4 with a double, an RBI, and 2 runs scored. Casilla and Punto also stole a base each..

Now for that surprise I was talking about. I bet some of you know about the website Baseball Reference. It’s a site that has an incredible amount of stats on it, as well as records, streaks, etc. etc. A fun feature of the site is that you can “sponsor” a page on the site. Now a page doesn’t have to be a player; for instance, you can sponsor the 2007 Minnesota Twins team page (although the price is $200 for one year of sponsorship). The pricing is based off of the amount of page views it gets. Aaron Gleeman sponsors Johan Santana‘s page, and I’m sure that cost a pretty penny. Anyway, back to my point. I have set it up so that I am the sponsor of new Twin Ramon Ortiz’s page. I think it was a good investment, and in the future I hope to sponsor some current minor leaguers in the Twins’ farm system (there are no pages for players who haven’t played in the Major Leagues).

Boof Bonser pitches this afternoon at 1:10, although I’m not entirely sure if it will be televised. Be sure to check FSN first (of course) and then Fox.