Torii Hunter got smoked in the face with a pitch and Boof Bonser walked 7 batters, but the Twins endured to end their 4-game losing streak.

Bonser had a career-high in both walks (7) and strikeouts (8) but allowed just 3 hits through 5 innings to keep the Twins in the game..


Jason Bartlett had a very nice throw to home from short left to gun down Reggie Sanders by 2 or 3 feet. In fact, the bottom of the order was the best we had last night. Of the team’s 8 hits, the 6-7-8-9 hitters (being Jason Tyner in for Hunter, Mike Redmond, Jason Kubel, and Bartlett) had 6 hits. Kubel and Red Dog had 2 apiece..


It’s funny seeing that the Royals’ lineup walked 10 times and struck out 13. Both are pretty high numbers, even for an 11-inning game..


Now Rondell White is out “indefinitely” from this new calf muscle. I guess it was bound to happen, but frankly I’m alright with that because Kubel is getting much needed playing time. In this last 4-game homestand, Kubel was 5-for-20 with 2 doubles and 2 RBI, but what those stats don’t tell is that he’s hit the ball hard just about every time he gets out..


The Twins travel to Detroit now and the game starts at 6:05 central time. Funny, the Twins are now 4th in the division, ahead of only the lowly Royals. A strong showing against the Tigers and we’d be right back near the top.