As much as I hate the term piranhas, it’s much easier to use that than to say “the 8, 9, 1, and 2 hitters”, so I’ll need to use it if it applies. Luis Castillo, Nick Punto, Jason Bartlett, and Jason Tyner: 8-for-14, 5 runs scored, 3 RBI, 4 walks and a hit-by-pitch. 

They were the reasons that we scored first and early: Jason Bartlett got hit by a pitch and proceeded to steal second. Jason Tyner hit a single up the middle to score him. Tyner got a big lead at first and when the pitcher threw over, it ricocheted off the wall and into right field, allowing Tyner to go to third. Luis Castillo got a walk to put runners on the corners. Nick Punto hit a little dinker over the head of the second baseman, advancing Castillo to third and scoring Tyner. Michael Cuddyer got a base hit to right and the throw home was way off target, allowing Castillo to score. 

Mike Redmond had a clutch hit in the Twins’ 5-run 6th inning. After Torii Hunter hit a high chopper off the plate to reach first, Redmond drove a double to left-center to clear the bases and break the game open. 

Johan Santana wasn’t that dominant, but he did keep us in the game which is what we needed. He also went 8 innings, giving the bullpen a nice little rest. He gave up 7 hits, but 4 runs: two solo homers and a 2-run single. He only walked 1 and struck out 7. 

If the journalists at the StarTribune have anything to do with it, Kevin Slowey will be called up today and start on Friday, with Ramon Ortiz being demoted to a long relief role in the bullpen. I can’t say it’s a bad decision, but some are worried that Slowey’s pitching to contact strategy will get him shelled in the majors. I’m not real worried, in part to his averaging more than 1 strikeout per inning pitched. We could skip the start, because of an offday on Thursday, but I guess nobody wants to do that. 

Boof Bonser throws tonight in a 7:10 game.