First, you’re probably wondering who Joe Cowley is. He’s a sportswriter for the Chicago Sun Times, making him a White Sox fan. But more on that later. I want to talk about the High A level Fort Myers Miracle first. 

Taking a look at their roster, the Miracle pitching staff is incredible. Out of 14 pitchers that have pitched for them this season, only 5 of them have ERAs over 3.00. Yet the team has a record of just 22 wins and 31 losses, tied for last in the league. Well, as you might’ve guessed, that’s because the batting is beyond bad. Their best hitter is hitting .266 with 3 homers and 30 RBI (also leading the team), and that’s outfielder Erik Lis. The guy with the most home runs is Edward Ovalle, also an outfielder, but his batting average is .190. Plus, he has 13 walks and 40 strikeouts in 48 games.
Back to their pitching, the bright spot. I actually feel bad for these guys. The staff is stacked with guys that have legitimate shots at making the Twins’ roster in a few years. Oswaldo Sosa, Jay Rainville, Zach Ward, Kyle Waldrop, Alexander Smit, Yohan Pino, and Eduardo Morlan are the guys who people know about, if the person follows the Twins’ minor league system at least a little bit. Here are their stats so far this season: 


As you can see, Zach Ward is doing incredible with a 2.51 ERA and a WHIP of 1.03; but his W-L record shows you how poor the hitting is. According to a poster on KFAN’s Twins chat, the team has been shut out 13 times this season in just 53 games; nearly 1 out of every 4. Morlan is doing a great job as the team’s closer, too. The picture doesn’t show his 8 saves this season. It does show his 39 strikeouts in just 27 and 2/3 innings, though. 

Alright, now onto Joe Cowley. As I said, he’s a Sox fan who writes for a Chicago paper. However, he takes his homerness (I don’t know what else to call it) to an all-new level. First, last year he was able to vote for the MVP award last year. He put Derek Jeter, who ended up finishing second, in 6th on his list. He excluded the best catcher in the AL, Joe Mauer, from his list. And he put A.J. Pierzynski at 10th place, ahead of Mauer, Victor Martinez, and Kenji Johjima, all arguably better catchers than Pierzynski. Now, he writes this article. It’s basically a bash against the Twins, saying that the team isn’t hard-nosed like many say, but rather full of players who play dirty. Apparently, in the same game where A.J. tried to step on Justin Morneau‘s ankle running to first, Nick Punto slid hard into second base and hit the White Sox’s 2B in the ribs with his forearm. Here’s an excerpt from that article: 

Punto thrust his right forearm into the ribs of Tadahito Iguchi, knocking the Sox second baseman sideways. ”Sewer dirty,” one Sox player labeled it.

But after all, it was Punto — Gizmo from ”Gremlins.” Just don’t get any water on him, feed him after midnight or let him near the exposed rib cage of a 195-pound Japanese man.

Could you imagine the outrage if it had been Pierzynski?

Torii Hunter maims former Sox catcher Jamie Burke in a home-plate collision?

”What a gamer.”

Pierzynski slams over Michael Barrett, who was actually blocking the plate?

”Damn you, A.J!”

In fact, Pierzynski didn’t “slam over Michael Barrett“, but rather slapped home plate with his hand after scoring a key run. This obviously agitated Barrett and some punches would follow. And, the “Torii Hunter maims former Sox catcher Jamie Burke” play he’s referring to? It happened on July 26th, 2004. 2 years and 10 months have gone by, and he still talks about it. And more on the Pierzynski-at-first play: According to Cowley, it was that A.J. “dared to accidentally clip” Morneau’s foot/ankle. Want proof it wasn’t an accident? 


Also, he wrote an article back in March about the incident when Sammy Sosa‘s bat broke and was revealed to contain corks. Here’s the link to the article. He says that the White Sox catcher, Toby Hall, “played it by the book” when he saw a piece of the broken bat containing corks and threw it as fast as possible to the bat boy. Cowley went so far as to praise Hall for “protecting the game” by not giving it a black eye. Of course, everybody found out anyway, so it was a wasted attempt to hide evidence of possible cheating. None of this really has to do with the blog, but upon reading some of his articles I felt the need to share them and vent about them, as he seems like somebody who takes being a baseball fan about 10 levels too far. Any thoughts on this guy? Post them in the comments. 

Also, it’s almost Slowey Time! Kevin Slowey makes his ML debut tonight at 9:05 central time.