Kevin Slowey pitched pretty good overall, going 6 innings and giving up just 1 run, on a solo homer in the 6th. He allowed 5 hits, walked 2, and struck out 3, including the first batter he faced (on 3 pitches to boot). He’s being touted as a control pitcher who picks his spot (and a lot of comparisons have been made to Brad Radke), but he had 4 full counts last night, and one of his walks was a 4-pitch walk. The fastest pitch he threw was 90 mph while the slowest was 71. I think Johan Santana throws in the 94-95 range but his slowest is 76-77, so the difference between both pitchers’ fastest and slowest are pretty close to the same. But, he pitched well, kept us in the game, and I think it’s a great start to him proving that he deserves a spot in the rotation. 

Just a few notes from last night’s game…

  • Luis Castillo sac bunted runners from 1st and 2nd to 2nd and 3rd in the third inning. A sac fly by Jeff Cirillo in the next at bat would score a run, but Michael Cuddyer hit an infield single so that runners were on the corners. Unfortunately, Justin Morneau popped out in foul territory. It’s an extreme pet peeve of mine when they give up an out off the bat of one of our most productive hitters. With just 4 players (5 if you count Joe Mauer) on the team that are hitting over .300, and Castillo being one of them, I don’t see the joy that Gardy gets by essentially taking the bat out of his hands. If he did that to Nick Punto (batting .237), Cirillo (.231), or Lew Ford (.186), it’s understandable; odds are that they won’t get a hit when they come up to bat. But with Castillo, he’s got the best chance of getting a hit when he comes up to the plate. Later in the game he’d hit a double in the 10th and would score a run.

  • Jason Bartlett had a couple of nice defensive plays, one in the 4th when he kept with a ground ball after it dropped in front of him and threw the runner out (alright, maybe that isn’t a nice defensive play, but it’s what you like to see from your shortstop) and in the 5th he made a great diving catch on a line drive hit over the middle of the infield.

  • The A’s pitcher, Joe Kennedy, was incredibly wild during the game. He threw 110 pitches over 8 innings, 64 were strikes. For comparison’s sake, Slowey threw 99 and 66 of them were strikes. Kennedy had 4 walks, including two 4-pitch walks: one to Morneau and one to Cuddyer, with all 4 pitches being in the dirt to Michael.

Tonight’s game starts an hour earlier (8:05) and we’ve got Carlos Silva taking the hill against Joe Blanton.