Carlos Silva got a Tough Loss yesterday, pitching a complete game (only 8 innings though) 5-hitter, allowing only 1 run; and it wasn’t even an RBI. It was scored on a double play that apparently had a chance to not happen. I didn’t watch the game, but the recap said that Jason Kubel retrieved a ball and threw it to second, but Jason Bartlett cut it off, allowing the runner to slide in safely to second. If he didn’t cut it off, it had a chance to get the runner out, thus not having anyone on third when the next guy got a hit. Silva walked only 1 and also struck out 2.

Again, the Twins only got 3 hits, and scored 0 runs, so there really isn’t a lot to talk about, offensively. Luis Castillo was 2-for-4 and Justin Morneau was 1-for-3.

The game took just 1 hour and 49 minutes to complete, the second-quickest game in the majors this season.

Today’s game starts at 3:05 and we have Johan Santana (6-4, 3.21) vs. Chad Gaudin (5-1, 2.32).