Boof Bonser struggled. I’m not sure if that’s the right word for what he did, but there’s one thing he didn’t do: Perform. In 5 and 1/3 innings, he gave up 12 hits and 6 runs. He didn’t walk anybody, probably because of the 79 pitches he threw, only 28 of them were balls, but he only struck out 1. Maybe that was his problem, he threw things too close to the heart of the plate, allowing the hitters to mash it all over. Although, it probably should have been 7 runs. Vladimir Guerrero came charging home, but the umpire ruled him out after Mike Redmond got Michael Cuddyer‘s throw and turned quick to try and tag Vlad. Replays showed him safe, but Redmond’s leg/back might have been obstructing the umpire’s view. If I remember correctly, there were two more plays shortly after that at home, both with the Angels scoring (one of them he was out but Redmond lost the ball).

Ramon Ortiz came in for long relief, but gave up 4 hits and 2 runs in an inning and 2/3. He walked 1 and struck out 1, too. Jason Miller really let the game get out of hand. Before he came in, we were down 8-1, not likely to come back but hey, stranger things have happened. I wish I could say I was kidding, but here are the outcomes of the at bats in which he was the pitcher: Single, double, intentional walk, grand slam homer, solo homer, visit to the mound by Rick Anderson, line out (the first out he’s recorded), walk, single, double, and one last double. It took Miller 43 pitches to record just 1 out. For comparison, Pat Neshek came in after Miller and used just 7 pitches to get 2 outs. With the hope that Joe Mauer will be activated this Friday, I think the roster spot he’ll take will be the one currently held by Miller.

After being down a run after the first inning, Torii Hunter got a pitch up in the 2nd that he took deep to left for a homer. That would be the only run we would score until the 9th inning, when 3 singles and an error would get us 2 more, incredibly useless runs.

Back at .500, the Twins look to Scott Baker (1-0, 5.94) for a win. He’ll face Kelvim Escobar, who is 6-3 with an even 3.00 ERA this season. The game starts at 9:05 again.