Ok, so I wanted to do some notes on our draft picks, but there are so many of them that I’m just going to talk about a few of the first ones and some notables later on. If it says college after a player, that means he went to a regular college or a junior college. If nothing is there then he is coming out of high school:

1. Ben Revere, CF – Speed is his best asset. Little power, had more triples (27) than strikeouts (19) in his 4-year high school career.

2. Daniel “Bam Bam” Rams, C/1B – Here’s hoping that he can produce like his nickname suggests. Hit 10 HR in 2006.
3. Angel Morales, CF – Speed, again, is his best asset. Great defensive player, needs bat work.

4. Reginald Williams, SS – See quote at the bottom of the post.

5. Nathan Striz, RHP – Throws between 87-94 MPH, sinker is his best pitch.

6. Michael McCardell, RHP, college

7. Daniel Berlind, RHP, college

8. Daniel Lehmann, C, college

9. Steven Hirschfield, RHP, college

10. Blair Erickson, RHP, college – NCAA All-Time record holder in saves with 51

11. Andrew Schmiesing, CF, college – first MN-born player taken in draft

12. Michael Tarsi, LHP, college

13. Elliott Soto, SS

14. Daniel Rohlfing, C

15. Daniel Latham, RHP, college

As you can see, they mixed it up by taking 8 college players and 7 high schoolers, but 5 of those 7 were our first 5 picks.

Here is a quote by Mike Radcliff, Twins scouting director, on 4th-round pick Reggie Williams: “He’s going to be a big man. His dad is a big man. He’s going to be strong and big. He’s a young looking kid. He’s young-looking, wears braces and doesn’t shave. He’s going to be a different player in five years than he is now.”

And this is a very through-the-grapevine type thing, but a guy who commented on Seth Speaks said he rode on a plane next to Bob Stuckey, who works for the Twins. He talked to Bob about first rounder Ben Revere, and Bob said that Terry Ryan told him Ben reminds the Twins of Ray Durham (26 homers, .293 BA last year) and Bill Hall (hit 35 homers last year for the Brewers). If Revere comes close to either of those guys, it will be a pretty good pick, but at this point it’s honestly way too early.

I have all of the Twins’ picks in a spreadsheet, but I don’t think there’s a good way for me to get them onto the blog. You can find out who they all are by checking out the Twins homepage at mntwins.com