After losing the first game on Friday, and Justin Morneau for an unknown amount of time (maybe the whole Toronto series) with a bruised lung, the team rallied for a rout on Saturday (11-1 win for Carlos Silva), and then they played good baseball yesterday, winning 7-4. Johan Santana pitched 6 innings, allowed just 1 earned run (a run also scored on a Luis Rodriguez throwing error) on 5 hits, and struck out 8. He walked a batter and also hit a batter, but both of those can be debated. I saw the walk on the MLB Gameday thing, and it showed all 4 of the balls as being thrown on the border of the strike zone. The umpire was inconsistent all day, and you would know that if you were listening to the announcers. And on the hit batter, if it did hit the guy, it barely barely barely grazed his elbow…they showed the replay and you couldn’t see a change in the ball’s movement after it was supposed to hit him. I think that umpire was out to get us though, as he ejected Michael Cuddyer when Cuddyer was nearly at the dugout after arguing balls and strikes, and once that happened Mr. Ron Gardenhire threw his hat and came running out to defend Michael, but he was tossed immediately. Oh well, we won the game and that’s what matters.

Joe Mauer provided some much-needed offense with 2 home runs, his first 2-homer game since 2004. One was a solo in the 1st and the other was with a runner on in the 6th.

Pat Neshek and Joe Nathan each gave up a run in relief of Santana, although Neshek’s was on a homer and Nathan gave up 3 hits to help the run score.

You’ve probably all seen this commercial before, but I think it’s hilarious so I’ll show it anyway.