Scott Baker pitched his heart out, allowing only 3 hits over 8 innings, but one of those was a home run and the Twins’ 6 hits amounted to no runs. He needed just 79 pitches to get through those 8 innings, which reminds me of Carlos Silva‘s 74-pitch complete game from 2005. Baker walked 1 and struck out 3.

Like I said, the Twins’ offense was pretty punchless, with their only real scoring chance coming when Justin Morneau hit a double. Before that, it appeared that Michael Cuddyer would have at least a double, but CF Curtis Granderson made a nice diving catch in right-center field. In just about any other park, Morneau’s hit would’ve been a homer (including the Metrodome), but Detroit’s center field wall is sitting at about 420 feet. The game took just over 2 hours to finish.

Announced yesterday were the rosters for the upcoming All-Star Game. Getting nods for the Twins were pitcher Johan Santana (3rd appearance), CF Torii Hunter (2nd), and reigning AL MVP Justin Morneau (1st). Still able to make it is reliever Pat Neshek, who is one of 5 players trying to collect votes for the final spot on the AL team. You can go to to vote for him as many times as you’d like. Last year a devoted fan made an internet script to make it incredibly easy to vote for Francisco Liriano, as the script selected Liriano’s button and all you had to do was put in the verification code. Hopefully he’ll come out of the shadows again this year and help Pat out.

The Twins are in New York tonight for a series against the Yankees. Boof Bonser pitches tonight and the game starts at 6:05.