The Twins have been shutout 7 times this season. In 5 of those games, Carlos Silva has been the starter. The game was at least in reach last night, with the Twins down 3-0 heading into the 6th inning. But when it rains, it pours, I guess. The inning started with what would’ve been a single, but Torii Hunter misplayed the ball and it went all the way to the fence, resulting in a triple. A wild pitch would score him, and after that Silva gave up a double. Then a single to drive in the run, and Silva finally recorded an out but was pulled in favor of Juan Rincon. Rincon hit his first batter, then got a groundout to advance runners to second and third. Then he gave up a single to score both of them. He gave up another single, but then got Alex Rodriguez to pop out to end the inning.

The home plate ump was certainly questionable, with pitches that seemed like they were strikes if we were batting but balls if we were pitching. And, on a play at the plate, it looked very clear to me like the runner was out, but the ump called him safe. Joe Mauer or anyone else for that matter didn’t try to get the call reversed. Torii ended up being tossed in the top of the 8th when Nick Punto was called out on strikes. Apparently Torii didn’t like the call, and literally wanted to go punch the umpire. Steve Liddle, our Bench Coach, had to restrain him but Torii almost muscled is way out of it.

The team only managed 5 hits, 2 of them by Justin Morneau. The team also had two errors, the one on Torii and the other on Jason Bartlett when he didn’t catch a ball thrown to him to try and get the runner that was stealing.

The Twins look to keep a series split opportunity alive when they send Johan Santana to the mound in today’s game, which starts at 12:05 central time. We’ll be facing Mike Mussina, and if I recall correctly he basically makes our hitters look like little girls out there, so it’ll probably be a pitching duel until one pitcher makes a mistake in giving up a homer. Have a happy 4th of July, everyone.