He was traded to the Mets today for 2 minor league prospects, AA catcher Drew Butera (son of former Twins catcher Sal) and A outfielder Dustin Martin. All Castillo is to the Mets is a rental, so we got what we could for him. At the end of the year he would have been a free agent and the general consensus is that Luis would not have been re-signed, instead Alexi Casilla would take his spot. If I read correctly, had Luis left via free-agency, the best-case scenario would have been for the team to receive a Type-B supplemental draft pick, which I think is in between the first and second rounds. Instead, they get Casilla 2 month’s worth of experience before he was slotted to start regularly and a catcher highly-touted for his defense at a level in the Twins’ organization that is lacking in catchers, and an OF in Martin who is young and has a good on-base percentage. He can also hit a few homers (more than Castillo, anyway) and will steal some bases. I’ll go more in depth with each player in tomorrow’s post, which will also include the recap of tonight’s game.