The Twins won 5-3 in a pretty exciting game with the “piranhas” doing most of the work. Jason Tyner was 1-for-4, Jason Bartlett was 2-for-4 with an RBI, Lew Ford went 2-for-3 with 2 runs scored and an RBI, plus a steal of third base, and Alexi Casilla was 2-for-3 with an RBI and a run scored in his second-stint debut. Torii Hunter added his 22nd homer of the year in the 2nd inning. Mike Redmond, although he was hitless, threw out 3 baserunners, all at second. Redmond has now thrown out 13 of 29 base stealers, or 45%. For comparison, Joe Mauer has thrown out 55% (16 of 29) so Mike is doing a great job as a backup.


Carlos Silva pitched a good game, going 8 innings and allowing only 2 runs, both solo homers. He didn’t walk anybody and struck out 3. Joe Nathan allowed a solo home run in his inning, but didn’t allow anyone else to reach and struck out 2 en route to his 24th save of the season and 4th save in as many days.


Now I want to discuss an article that was posted rather late last night in the Star Tribune. You can read the whole thing here, but I’ll copy the parts that are most important. All things were said by Johan Santana

These were Johan Santana’s words Tuesday after the non-waiver trade deadline passed without another trade: “I’m not surprised. That’s exactly how they are. That’s why we’re never going to go beyond where we’ve gone.”

“You always talk about future, future. … But if you only worry about the future, then I guess a lot of us won’t be part of it,” Santana said.

“They protect their young players. They protect their organization, their roots, everything. But I guess I won’t be a part of it. A lot of guys don’t feel like they can be part of it, and they have to move on.”


It’s so depressing seeing Johan say things like that about his own organization. But he has every right to feel that way. It reminds me a lot of the Kevin Garnett situation: star player wants to win a championship now, in his prime, but the personnel that run the team have different ideas. Don’t get me wrong, I know Terry Ryan wants to win a World Series, but like Santana said in the article, when it’s all about the future, what happens to now? There were viable options on the market yesterday, most notably in my eyes was Wilson Betemit, a third basemen who has experience at every infield position except 1B this season, plus he has played a little outfield too. He has 10 homers this season, but only 156 at-bats. Extend that to a full season and it’s between 30-40 home runs. He also has a .359 on-base percentage, a huge increase over Nick Punto‘s .301. Anyway, the Yankees traded reliever Scott Proctor, a young guy with just 1 full season under his belt, for Betemit. Juan Rincon‘s numbers (besides this year) are a lot better than Proctor’s, and I’m sure the Dodgers would have either accepted that proposal or we could have added a lower level prospect (maybe one of the new ones we got for Luis Castillo) to get it done. It’s just sad to think that the chances of Johan re-signing with the Twins took a potentially catastrophic hit with Terry Ryan’s inactiveness yesterday. Of course, there’s still the chance that we will win the World Series this year and everyone will be happy, but right now they need to take it one game at a time.


Boof Bonser starts tonight’s game, starting at 7:10 again. He looks to improve to 6-7 on the year and extend the winning streak to 5 games.